Inspired Words, Art, and Photography

There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.

Diana Vreeland

My work has been featured in Thought CatalogThrive GlobalElephant Journal, and more.

Creating meaningful connections through writing, lettering, art, fashion, and photography.

Inspired by mindfulness and minimalism, I focus on the heart of the brand and the power in sharing our stories. 

“There are very few people who can grab your heart, and inspire you to be the best version yourself, through words and art. I am lucky enough to have a piece of art from Kristin. It is my meditation focal point!”

Landree Sarata, Landree Vibes

“I would consider the process of creating formulations of skin-nourishing products made from all organic botanicals and minerals a form of art. I am so excited that Mermaid Elixir inspired the artist Kristin Fehrman to create a visual art piece that reflected the physical and vibrational synergy of elements of nature into these beautiful colors.”

Elina Fedotova, Elina Organics