Quality Content: Why Your Message Will Make Or Break Your Re-Opening Strategy

Today, it’s not just about the reviews or posting a picture on Instagram- being consistent with your overall message is absolutely key.

The country has essentially (no pun intended) been closed since March- have you been keeping in touch with your community during this time? Do your customers know what you’ve been up to? Do they feel a connection to you?

If the answer is yes, wonderful. Restaurants, shops, and services have made themselves accessible in my own community, offering takeout, updates, and online shopping. They’re doing their best to stay “tuned in,” even if it’s just a photo of the snow falling on their deck in May (true story).

Gary Vaynerchuk shared a message on LinkedIn that resonated with me:

Content isn’t free- and neither is the work it takes to repair your reputation.

Quality public relations and content is going to be one of the keys in re-opening. Without a solid message, communication flow, and plan for what could go wrong, businesses could certainly shoot themselves in the foot before they even consider welcoming guests back.

I’ve seen it already- those getting eager to open and the community absolutely firing at them. Unnecessary criticism, hate speech, and insults are roaming rampid on Facebook, bashing business owners for setting up flowers on their decks or explaining their new social distancing plan. Somehow, the people aren’t getting it.

Please- be mindful of your approach (on both sides). Let’s think about having a little more compassion and less division.

Whatever your communication style is, be sure it’s with love- because that is exactly what the world needs right now for an authentic connection.

Published by Kristin Fehrman

Life through oversized sunglasses.

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